Commercial Insurance

How We protect your business:

Commerical Auto Insurance

As a business owner, you need the same kinds of insurance coverages for the car you use in your business as you do for a car used for personal travel — liability, collision and comprehensive, medical payments, and coverage for uninsured motorists. Our agents will ask you many details about how you use vehicles in your business, who will be driving them and whether employees, if you have them, are likely to be driving their own cars for your business. While the major coverages are the same, a business auto policy differs from a personal auto policy in many technical respects. Ask your insurance agent to explain all the differences and options.

General Liability

General Liability pays losses arising from real or alleged bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury on your business premises or arising from your operations. It covers bodily injury, property damage, protection from lawsuits, contractual liability, natural disaster costs, as well as specialized liability protection for specific business types. Our agents experience will be necessary to determine what is the right amount of coverage for your business.

Workers Compensation

Employers have a legal responsibility to their employees to make the workplace safe. However, accidents happen even when every reasonable safety measure has been taken. Workers compensation provides payments to injured workers, without regard to who was at fault in the accident, for time lost from work and for medical and rehabilitation services. It also provides death benefits to surviving spouses and dependents. Workers Compensation is necessary for employers as a way to control the financial risks of workplace injuries since many states limit the amount an injured employee can recover from an employer.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property insurance provides protection for your company’s biggest assets, including your building, equipment, and lost revenue.  It covers for losses from a variety of instances, including, but not limited to: Fire, Theft, Wind, Hail, Lightning, etc… Making sure that you are adequately insuring these assets to the proper coverage level is key, and one of our agents can help guide you through the process.